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About Us

Hey there! I am Ankush Thapa. I am a Software Developer by profession.

Every 6 months or so, there are new web technologies budding up in the market. In the early stage of my career, I thought of building a website using these new technologies just to try my hands on.

Building a blogging website is a common tutorial of most of the new web technologies and I started building one working along with some tutorial. When the first version of this website was ready, I had to put some content on blogs and then the most difficult part begun.

Learning to write a code is easy as there are some tutorials, but writing your ideas was difficult to start for me. I had no idea what to write about, how to articulate things etc. I chose to write about my most common thoughts, and hence the name came into existence, Aam Vichaar (common thought)

I started reading other blogs, in order to learn how people write and thought why can't I share their amazing ideas as it is giving all the credits to them?

So basically, aamvichaar is a platform where common people share their common thoughts. People share their failures, their successes, their mistakes, dreams and never-ending hopes. Aamvichaar's stories might not be mind-blowing or super awesome, but you can always find a bit of yourself in it. It is just a reminder to breathe ...

Do you have any aamvichaar to share with us? Please feel free to contribute to aamvichaar. Your efforts will be appreciated.

Or you have any suggestions for us, please write to us here.