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Actor Guy
Actor Guy

This actor guy I see on YouTube 

Cleary his circuits are blown 

I can see it 

He knows I can see it 

He laughs his laugh 

And then makes an impression of a crazy laugh

As if they are any different 

He knows they aren't different

This other interview from years later 

He looks lanky 

And says he is on a 21 day cleanse

He slips out vague sentences in the air 

About higher consciousness or something

He knows he doesn't know what he's talking about

His eyes are sad

Laughter is confused

His mind is all over the place 

And his audience 

From a cozy corner like mine

Is calling him crazy 

He knows they are calling him names

Yet he keeps putting up this show of himself

Years after years

Making me wonder 

If Shakespeare too would be on Prozac if alive