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Game of uncertainties - Cricket or Life ?
Game of uncertainties - Cricket or Life ?

The first T20I between India and West Indies at Greenfield International Stadium, Thiruvananthapuram was a great cricketing competition between two teams. West Indies had given India a target of 208 to chase in 20 overs. It was relatively a flat pitch for bowlers and West Indies had already hit 15 sixes in their innings.

All batsmen enjoyed batting on this pitch. When Virat Kohli was in the middle, things were little different for him. On the other end, things were pretty easier for KL Rahul, but not for captain Kohli. When he tried to flick Sheldon Cottrell ball crashed on his pads. He looks to hit the spinner but finds the bottom edge that almost kisses the stumps. He goes to pull Jason Holder but gets the top edge. 

Known for his batting superemacy, Kohli was struggling on relatively easier pitch. KL Rahul on the other end is able to hit the scoreboard insouciantly and here he is finding it difficult to even time the ball well. 

kohli frustated

There comes a phase in life, when nothing seems to work for you. Everyone else is finding their answers, having what they wanted and on the other hand, despite doing the same things you are not achieving the results what you intend to. 

As the struggle stretches, he started losing his composure, the frustation started turning into anger. He started a querrel with umpire over no ball.

kohli umpire

He is so frustated that things are beyong his control. That was not enough, he accused the bowler of obstructing him while completing a run although in reality bowler was just trying to reach to the ball. 

kohli blame bowler

In a chase of 208 runs, he is at 21 of 21. The asking rate is up. He is angry with the bowler, with the umpire, and infact with himself.

As the phase of frustation balloons up, you start blaming things around you for not getting what you want. Deep inside you know that there is no one to be blamed but the anger and frustation of no success is waiting to come out every second. Tough time starts when you get into the blame game. 

Everything was aligned to get things worst for him, but he decides not to give up. Under this pressure and anger, it was very easier for him to pull a bad shot and end this agony for once but he refuses to give up. Instead he continues his battle with the opposition, battle against the situation, actually a fight against himself. 

And then from nowhere arrives his moment. The moment that turned the battle for him. Jason holder gave him an outside off and the ball was into the stands. This time he didn't try to hit the ball hard, but what he is best at. He just lifted the ball into the long-off stands. Pure timing. The timing he was waiting for since long. 

And with this moment, his confidence is back. Then comes the surge of boundaries. His timing is back, his running between the wicket is good, his confidence is back. Suddenly he was himself once again. Then there was this masterstroke. The flick of the wrists that sends the ball over mid-wicket. A simple flick of the wrists that sends the ball out of fence.

kohli flicks

The improved game and run flow ignited him and he started giving it back to the bowler. 

kohli back to bowler

When every door seems to be closed and you are left with very little but you still hold your ground and you are still able to hang on, your moment of transformation arrives. The moment for which you have been waiting for long impatiently. You finally see things happening, the exact way you always wanted them to be. You start getting what you deserve, the fruit of your struggle and you also get to celebrate the way you want it. 

The amazing pull shots, the lofted cover drives gave a signature sign-off to the innings. After scoring 21 off 21, he scored 73 in next 29 balls. Its not a mere coincidence that he scored his highest T20I scores in an inning where he struggled immensely in the begning and then conquered the opposition, the match and the self douts.

Life is pretty intersting. Sometimes the most gifted ones find it difficult to make things happen, while the entire world is doing it and enjoying it but you are failing. 

Thats when you start self doubting. You start copying others without any thought, even then things dont work the way you want them to. Thats what leaves you dejected. 

But there comes the moment when you realize that all you have to do is just hang on and let the storm pass. Once it does, you can rediscover your spark and start doing the things the way you do it. Dont you worry about the results. They are for everyone to see. Let the things happen, be there to soak all the appreciations and pat yourself for living the wonderful and fulfilling adventure called life. 


Source: Quora