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Love at First Bite
Love at First Bite

Finally those moments arrived, gods acknowledged my appeal

triggered turmoils of excitement, difficult enough to conceal


Then there were their visuals, quite distant if you ask,

hiding all their spark behind the veil of a mask


It required piercing eyes through their veil, for a glance,

generous enough for a delightful avalanche


The struggle was real, to get a glimpse while we greet, 

hues of deep brown eyes were no less than a treat


I believe there was a concealed smile, accompanying their hello,

then there sneaked a plateful paneer tikka, bright as yellow


It had no mask, beautifully dressed up with mustard sauce on the right,

its aroma was a bait, made it difficult to hold the urges tight


It took the veil off their face for their tongue’s delight,

That was my moment of #LoveAtTheirFirstBite